We provide crystals from a range of 1.000mhz to 100.000mhz
Things we need to know before you order your crystals are as follows:

1. Radio Make and Model
2. Exact Crystal Frequency
3. Pico Farrad/Load that your crystal needs
4. Resistance/Ohms that your crystal needs
5. Type of Holder that you crystal needs
6. Tolerance (in parts per million)

Jan Crystals does have specs of certain type of radios, here are a list of the few Manufactures that we have specs on:

2. Motorola
3. Johnson
4. Heathkit
5. Browning

You can call us: 1-239-936-2397
You can email us:  JanCrystals@ymail.com
 You can fax us: 1-239-936-3750

Hours of Operation are as follows:

Monday-Thursday 9am to 4pm